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Neuropsychological Assessment
Psychological Assessment

This type of testing involves measurement of the functions of the brain, including cognitive, emotional, and personality functioning to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning for neurologically based pathology.

This type of assessment is a similar form of evaluation for mental health purposes that often involving measurement of intelligence, emotional functioning, and functional ability.

Counseling & Psychotherapy 
Other Services

Psychotherapy and counseling are similar, and are provided to improve or maintain behavioral functioning. Persons often meet individually or with the support of a family member to develop strategies for coping or change.

We provide evaluations to diagnose Autism, ADHD, Learning Disability, and other developmental issues.

Admissions Testing

Documentation of IQ and early reading is commonly required to support admission to private schools, charter schools, and early admission to kindergarten. We are able to provide the testing and documentation your students will need. 

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